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Haribo Chamallows Pink & White Marshmallows 150g

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No artificial colours, Halal - Halal Quality Control Chamallows Pink & White Marshmallows

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Chamallows Pink & White Marshmallows

Dietary information
  • Halal
Nutritional information
Energy 1409 kJ
Carbohydrate 78,4 g
Protein 5,8 g
Fat 0,1 g
Sodium 0,01 g
Fibre 0,1 g

Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Beef Gelatine-Halal, Dextrose, Sorbitol, Potato Starch, Flavour, Plant Concentrates (Beetroot Juice Concentrate, safflower), This product does not contain any Pig Gelatine or any other Pig based ingredients


Keep in a cool and dry place away from sun.

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