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MamyPoko Easy Fit XXL 15-25kg Pants 24Pcs

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Superior absorbency, Triple fit, Breathable waist, Fast and easy to wear for active babies Easy Fit XXL 15-25kg Pants

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Superior Absorbency - Enables longer usage.
Breathable Waist - Keeps baby's skin cool.
Triple Fit - Keeps pants from sagging and prevents leakage between the legs.
All-Round Stretch - Soft and comfortable fit in every movement. Easy Fit XXL 15-25kg Pants

Preparation and Usage Important Tips!
Blue Lines to the front. Wear like pants.
Leg gathers and waistband must be fitted and not folded over.
Tear off side seams for easy removal of used diaper.
These tips are important to prevent leakage.
Safety Warning Caution
If skin irritation of diaper rash occurs, stop using and consult a doctor.
Dispose stool in toilet.
Do not flush used diaper in toilet.
To prevent rashes, clean and change diaper immediately upon soiling.

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