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  • Golden Churn Butter 340g

    Halal - Majelis Ulama Indonesia Pure Creamery Butter


  • Philadelphia Original Block Cream Cheese 250g

    All natural, Australian made Original Block Cream Cheese


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  • Kraft Cheddar Processed Cheese 250g

    Good source of calcium Processed Cheese


  • Kraft Singles Processed Cheese 12 Slices 250g

    Hi calcium plus vitamin D for strong bones, Vitamin D helps calcium absorption, Made from milk Processed Cheddar Cheese Spread


  • Philadelphia Original Spreadable Cream Cheese 250g

    All natural 60% less fat than butter or margarine, Australian made Original Spreadable (Philadelphia) Soft Cream Cheese


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  • Kraft Cheestik 6 Sticks 120g

    No artificial flavours and colours, A source of calcium Kraft Cheestik Cheddar Cheese Spread


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  • Kraft 8 Cheese Wedges 160g

    A source of calcium, No artificial flavours or colours, Certified Halal by Australian Halal Food Services (AHFS) Cheddar Cheese Spread


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  • Chesdale Cheddar Cheese Spread 125g 6 slices

    Rich in calcium, One glass of milk in every slice, New Zealand Islamic Development Trust Cheddar Cheese Spread


  • Bega Tasty Grated Cheese 250g

    Australian made & owned, Source of calcium, No artificial colours or flavours, Halal Natural Tasty Grated Cheddar Cheese.


  • Bega Extra Tasty 250g

    Proudly Australian owned and made, 100% natural, Source of calcium, Suitable for vegetarians, Halal - Islamic Co-ordinating Council of Victoria Natural Extra Tasty Cheddar Cheese


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  • Bega Vintage 250g

    Strong & bitey, Proudly Australian owned and made, A rich, full bodied cheese with an extra sharp taste and crumbly texture, Sydney royal champion 2014 cheese & dairy show, 100% Natural source of calcium, Suitable for vegetarians, Halal - Islamic Co-ordinating Council of Victoria Natural Vintage Cheddar Cheese


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  • Emborg Mozzarella Shredded 200g

    Fantastic stretch for any hot dish or sandwich, Rich in taste, Source of calcium, Halal Control Mozzarella cheese, shredded, 21% total fat, 40% f.i.d.m. Moisture max. 47%.


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